Senate Bills 88 and 630 Threaten Voting Rights and Local Autonomy in North Carolina

Senate Bills 88 and 630 Threaten Voting Rights and Local Autonomy in North Carolina

RALEIGH, NC – NAACP North Carolina expresses deep concern over Senate Bills 88 and 630, legislation that poses grave threats to voting rights and local autonomy across the state. These bills, if passed, would significantly undermine democratic principles and disenfranchise marginalized communities.

Senate Bill 88 grants unprecedented authority to state lawmakers to intervene in local government structures, stripping communities of their right to self-determination. This bill introduces untested voting restrictions that could disproportionately affect marginalized voters, threatening fair representation and local control.

Senate Bill 630 introduces amendments that exacerbate these concerns by imposing redundant voter ID requirements and anti-immigrant measures. Such provisions not only risk disenfranchising voters but also perpetuate harmful stereotypes within our communities, eroding public trust in our electoral system.

“The passage of SB 88 and SB 630 would mark a severe setback for voting rights and local autonomy in North Carolina,” said President Deborah D. Maxwell, of NAACP North Carolina State Conference. “These bills undermine the fundamental principles of democracy by restricting access to the ballot and empowering legislative overreach into local governance.”

The NAACP North Carolina staunchly opposes SB 88 and SB 630 and calls upon state legislators to reject these harmful measures. Instead, we advocate for policies that uphold voting rights, ensure fair and accessible elections, and protect the voices of all North Carolinians, particularly communities of color.

“We stand for equity, justice, and the protection of marginalized communities,” added Executive Director Da’Quan M. Love. “It is crucial that we address systemic issues of inequality without resorting to measures that suppress voter participation and perpetuate discrimination.”

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