NAACP North Carolina Stands United for Accessibility and Justice

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NAACP North Carolina Stands United for Accessibility and Justice

RALEIGH, NC – The NAACP North Carolina State Conference issued the following statement in response to the denial of reasonable accommodations by the AMC theater in Greenville, NC this past Tuesday, December 26, 2023:

“NAACP North Carolina stands in solidarity with Rev. William Barber II who was unjustly escorted out of the AMC Fire Tower 12 Theater simply for needing to use his own chair in the handicapped seating area to enjoy a movie.

NAACP North Carolina joins the Pitt County Branch in underscoring the urgent need for change. This incident serves as a powerful reminder that we must create spaces that are inclusive, fair, and respectful of the rights of every individual. Discrimination based on physical abilities has no place in our society, and we must take decisive action to address this issue.

While AMC has issued an apology, there is an urgent need for concrete steps to ensure accessibility in all AMC theaters across the nation. The NAACP stands united in our calls for accessibility and justice.”

NAACP North Carolina has launched an online petition calling on AMC Theaters to embrace accessibility as a fundamental value and adopt lasting changes that benefit all of its patrons. The general public is encouraged to sign and share the petition at: 

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Founded in 1943, the North Carolina State Conference of NAACP Branches (NAACP North Carolina State Conference) is the oldest and largest nonpartisan civil rights organization in North Carolina, overseeing the programmatic work of over 120 NAACP branches, youth councils, and college chapters. The NAACP North Carolina State Conference is focused on advocating for policies and programs to benefit Blacks and people of color.


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