North Carolina NAACP Opposes Senate Bill 406 as a Threat to Public Education and Racial Equity

North Carolina NAACP Opposes Senate Bill 406 as a Threat to Public Education and Racial Equity

RALEIGH, NC – The North Carolina NAACP strongly opposes Senate Bill 406, which proposes to increase eligibility for private school vouchers by removing income caps. If passed, this bill would undermine public education and exacerbate existing racial and economic inequities in our state.

President Deborah Maxwell said, “Private schools have a history of exclusion and discrimination, and removing income caps would only widen the gap between wealthy and low-income families. This bill would benefit only a select few, while depriving the majority of North Carolina students of the resources they need to thrive.”

The proposed legislation would redirect taxpayer dollars away from public schools and into the hands of private schools, many of which lack transparency, accountability, and the same legal requirements as public schools. This shift of resources would harm the quality of education for all students, particularly those in underfunded public schools that serve predominantly Black communities.

Our public schools are the cornerstone of democracy, providing equal opportunities for all children to learn and grow. They serve as a vital resource for Black communities, who have been historically excluded from educational opportunities due to systemic racism and discrimination. We cannot afford to further undermine public education, especially at a time when our state is already grappling with the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The North Carolina NAACP urges elected officials to reject Senate Bill 406 and instead invest in our public schools, which serve as a critical foundation for our communities and our democracy.

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